“That good York water”

No dialog about beverages in my neck of the woods would be complete without a nod to our TAP WATER! Yes, I’m serious. According to their web site, The York Water Company provides about 20 million gallons of water every day to more than 180,000 people in 43 local communities.

Founded in 1816, The York Water Company is the oldest investor owned utility in the nation. Their main office at 130 E. Market Street in downtown York is, itself, an architectural gem. The beautifully conserved painted ceiling (by artist Gustav Ketterer*, 1870 – 1953) is a sight to behold; honestly, it makes paying the water bill in person a special treat.

Hoping to make a trip back to the Water Company office in the not too distant future; in the meantime I’ll enjoy a good drink of refreshing H2O straight from the faucet!


*Of Ketterer, local York historian, Georg Sheets, wrote on a discussion board in 2007: “This splendid work combines imagery depicting water delivery from Biblical, Greek and Roman traditions. The twelve signs of the Zodiac circle the vaulted ceiling and the symbols of York County and York City are integrated in the North and South entrances. For 30 years the artwork, rendered in soft blues, yellows and greens with gilded highlights, was hidden above a drop ceiling as the building, designed with classical elements and features such as leaded glass windows, and marble counters, continued to serve water company customers. Today, the company continues to welcome patrons and visitors during regular business hours.”



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